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Latest Blogs from David Linthicum
Dave begins a series of Podcasts on the value of cloud computing, and how to make a business case.
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Dave speaks with Force.com's Peter Coffee about the emerging cloud computing space, and wha's happening at Force.
Dave speaks with Jonathan Bryce of Mosso about cloud computing and Mosso.
Dave reviews, and comments on, the recent cloud computing report from Berkeley.
Dave talks about his visit to IBM's Pulse conference and how to avoid making SOA mistakes in the emerging cloud computing space.
Dave talks about the Cloud Computing Summit, and explodes the myths of Cloud Computing.
Dave's presentation at the Open Group Cloud Computing Summit. You can find the slides at www.slideshare.net/linthicum.
Dave talks about the lack of good private cloud computing technology, and the forthcoming vendor battle over the emerging private cloud market.Ref: http://cloudenterprise.info/2009/01/16/no-real-private-clouds-yet/
Dave provides the audio from the last Webinar. For the slides, please contact david@bluemountainlabs.com. Please include the organization who you work for. Thanks!
Dave and Geva talk about "The case against cloud computing."
Dave talks speaks with Lori MacVittie about cloud computing.
Dave talks about cloud computing jumping the shark, and walks through a cloud computing framework.
Dave and Dave talk about cloud computing and enterprise architecture.
Dave covers recent cloud computing news, including the formation of the Cloud Computing Consortium.
Dave answers listener e-mail about cloud computing issues and trends.
Dave discusses emerging cloud computing maturity models, and some of the issues around those models.
Dave speaks with Michael Crandell, CEO and Founder at RightScale about his company, and trends and the growth in the cloud computing space. Last podcast of 08.
This is a very compressed audio and video recording of the âWhere SOA Meets Cloud Computingâ webinar, just for the Cloud Computing Podcast subscribers.   Back to audio only with the next posting.
Dave speaks with John Musser of the ProgrammableWeb.com about new trends and the growth of Web APIs.
Dave talks about Sun's very weak movement back into cloud computing, and the death of Sun Grid Proto Cloud.
Dave talks about a few cloud computing news items, including the rise of "Rogue Clouds."
Dave speaks with Dana Gardner, Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions, LLC, about news and issues around cloud computing.
Dave speaks with Alan Williamson, CTO at AW2 about his recent work with Cloud Bootcamp.
Dave speaks with Google's Adam Swidler about their messaging security product thats cloud delivered.
Dave talks about the use of private clouds.
Dave talks about, and comments on, the six benefits of cloud computing as presented in a recent Cloud Computing Journal post.
Dave talks about a reaction to one of his podcasts, and the fact that some are pointing out that the cloud computing model is older than many think.
Dave talks about the fact that the most popular Web APIs will be social-oriented and complex business-oriented.
Dave talks about IBM's jump into the cloud computing space, and potential conflicts of interests that may arise. www.bluemountainlabs.com
Dave provides insights from the Cloud Computing Expo event.www.bluemountainlabs.com
The complete business angle for cloud Computing. http://www.economist.com/surveys/downloadSurveyPDF.cfm?id=12446057&surveycode=NA&submit=View+PDF
Dave talks speaks with Tom Lounibos from Soasta on the concept of testing from the cloud. www.bluemountainlabs.com
Dave talks about making a business case for cloud computing. www.bluemountainlabs.com
Dave's Mashup/Cloud Computing Presentation at the IT & Business Alignment Forum in Vegas   "Leveraging Mash-ups in the Context of Critical Business Data" http://www.slideshare.net/Linthicum   www.bluemountainlabs.com
Dave talks to the guys who started, and run, TheWebService.com www.bluemountainlabs.com
Dave talks about the number of public Web APIs moving well past 1,000. www.bluemountainlabs.com
Dave talks about the concept of Web APIs in the world of Cloud Computing. www.bluemountainlabs.com
Dave provides his thoughts on the Microsoft Azure announcement. www.bluemountainlabs.com
Dave discusses recent InformationWeek article on Cloud Computing Adoption. www.bluemountainlabs.com