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Those with virtualization skills are in high demand right now.  That makes them just as difficult to retain as it is to find and hire them.  Indeed, as virtualization becomes more important to enterprise IT, those who understand VMWare, and other virtualization technology, as well as understand virtualization in general, are commanding top salaries and they are often recruited away from current employers. Personally, I'm getting a few calls a week from headhunters seeking design and operational virtualization talent, even in the downturn when data centers are shrinking.  At the heart of the issue is that virtualization now touches all parts of the data center, the use cases are becoming more complex, and the operational value is mission-critical. In responding to this need, many organizations have created virtualization centers of excellence with the hopes of creat... (more)

Finding the Fit for XSLT - Filling a hole in the puzzle

Although a number of standards exist for information interchange and process definition, industry standards have yet to emerge for defining common integration server and B2B integration server services such as routing, rules processing, and transformation. In the absence of such standards, individual vendors have created proprietary approaches to these basic information-processing services. As a result, we are confronted with features that are not interchangeable, require specialized training, and do not provide a common framework of services. Even as we begin to implement stand... (more)

Application Integration: Addressing the Issues

Application integration brings a combination of problems. Each organization and trading community has its own set of integration issues that must be addressed. Because of this, it is next to impossible to find a single technological solution set and/or standard that can be applied universally. Therefore, each application integration solution will generally require different approaches. At this time, and in the foreseeable future, one-stop shopping is simply not an application integration reality. Although approaches to application integration vary considerably, it is possible to... (more)

Ten Things to Think About When Building the Perfect SOA

Right now the implementation of SOAs seems involve much more hype than actual work. However, there are some patterns beginning to emerge, or, procedures the implementers are doing right to insure success. These patterns are not always obvious, so perhaps this is a good time to learn through the successes of others and do our own homework before we spend millions on moving to an SOA. It's also important to note that our thinking is always evolving. As we learn what works, or perhaps more importantly, what does not work, we get closer to near perfect implementations that bring hug... (more)

Does Your SOA Include a Persistence Strategy?

Truth be told, traditional approaches to integration are really about keeping persistence at the points, within the source or target systems, and replicating data as needed. However with the use of true services, there is a clear advantage in keeping some persistence at a central-tier, for any number of legitimate reasons. Let's explore this in the context of an SOA. Indeed, as we become better at building services we need to understand the infrastructure that the services will leverage, including orchestration, security, management, and data, and where those functions need to res... (more)