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The Gartner Group just listed "9 ways to measure SOA success.” Not to take anything away from Gartner, but theirs is a pretty basic list, if you ask me.  Indeed, these nine measurements are really about any successful architecture, using SOA approaches or not, which is fine. However, I have a few of my own that are more specific to SOA. Here are Gartner's nine: 1. Improved efficiency, particularly with respect to business processes execution. 2. Lower process administrative costs. 3. Higher visibility on existing/running business processes. 4. Reduced number of manual, paper-based steps. 5. Better service-level effectiveness. 6. Quicker implementation of processes. 7. Quicker time to market. 8. Shorter (overall) project cycles. 9. Overall reduction in the total cost of application development and maintenance. However, I have a few of my own that are more specific to... (more)

Finding the Fit for XSLT - Filling a hole in the puzzle

Although a number of standards exist for information interchange and process definition, industry standards have yet to emerge for defining common integration server and B2B integration server services such as routing, rules processing, and transformation. In the absence of such standards, individual vendors have created proprietary approaches to these basic information-processing services. As a result, we are confronted with features that are not interchangeable, require specialized training, and do not provide a common framework of services. Even as we begin to implement stand... (more)

Application Integration: Addressing the Issues

Application integration brings a combination of problems. Each organization and trading community has its own set of integration issues that must be addressed. Because of this, it is next to impossible to find a single technological solution set and/or standard that can be applied universally. Therefore, each application integration solution will generally require different approaches. At this time, and in the foreseeable future, one-stop shopping is simply not an application integration reality. Although approaches to application integration vary considerably, it is possible to... (more)

Real-World AJAX

So, what do AJAX and SOA have in common? The answer: Everything. Is AJAX an enterprise technology? The answer: Absolutely. As we move to next-generation enterprise architectures using newer notions such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), there's a need for a dynamic Web interface that can layer over services and provide more value to the enterprise. Moreover, the enterprise in general can benefit from the advantages of AJAX; it's just a matter of making enterprise developers as well as the SOA architects aware of AJAX. AJAX is becoming the standard dynamic interface for the W... (more)

When You Need to Cancel a SOA Project

Many SOA projects are created out of hype, not need. Clearly many enterprises are "managing by magazine" and are more concerned about doing something cool rather than doing something helpful. You know the difference, and I'm sure there are both types of projects in your organization today. Indeed SOA has become popular, but not in a good way. Tactical, on-off projects are sprouting up all over the place with poorly defined values and strategic direction. Thus, they bring very little to the architectural party and could be making the enterprise take a few steps back. Bad SOA, even... (more)